Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bridal Shower - The Fickle Pickle

My sister threw a shower for my here in Atlanta last weekend and I wanted to share the pictures!

The shower was held in Historic Roswell at the cutest place on earth - The Fickle Pickle. My sister, 9 months and ready to deliver my 3rd neice, drove all the way from North Carolina for the event.

The fried pickles were so good!

It was a small shower, but friends from work, family, and good friends were all there.

We played this game about how well the groom knew the bride. Not surprisingly he got all but 2 questions right. He's the sensitive guy that always worries about me and wants everything to be right - that's why I love him!

When the question came up, Where does the groom think the bride wants to live my neice yelled out, "I know! A Castle!!" She was correct. I would love to live in a castle. ;-)

 (Color of the day - purple)

We ate amazing southern food, drank sweat peach tea, and then opened presents and had desert - except I forgot to get some. :-(

My sister told stories of having babies - she's had 5 - and everyone was shocked at her home-birth wonders. They all want her to come and be there when they have kids. She knows a lot about being preggars! Not me, not yet, and not for a while!

Her mama better watch out! Look at those eyes! I love my niece; she'll be the cutest flower girl ever!


Shane's stepmom came all the way from Florida for the shower and I am so happy she was able to be there!!

We had an amazing day that day! Thanks to my sister and mom who helped put it all together and everyone else who came! I love you!!


  1. Awesome photos!!! Your photographer did a great job. Make sure to give me her name and number please! ;)

  2. What an adorable shower! I've never had fried pickles before but those look delicious! And those desserts!! Yuummmy :)
    The picture with you and your sisters (along with your niece) is priceless. And I think you quite possibly have the cutest flower girl ever. She is SO cute!
    You have quite a loving and beautiful family :)

  3. Thanks Corinne!! I love them. :-) Even my not-so-shy sister n law up there. ;-)

  4. Looks like the perfect shower! And what a sweet story about living in a castle :)

  5. I love all of your pictures! Looks like such a wonderful shower! I've never been to the Fickle Pickle- I'll have to check that out!
    Oh and I left you an award on my blog today! :)

  6. your niece is sooo gorgeous!!! beautiful photos

  7. WHERE DID U GET THAT DRESS?!?! I wish I had been there. I miss youuuu!

  8. I love your dress.

    Fried pickles are amazing.

    And who doesn't want to live in a castle? ;)

  9. I love your dress, and all of the pictures are GORGEOUS! And as for the fried pickles, try them with honey mustard. Absolutely amazing!