Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Engagiversary!!

Tuesday, the 5th was my engagiversary!!

(From our surprise engagement party a year ago. Time flies!)

Why am I so late on posting this?
Well here's a list:
1.The quarter closed, so I'm super busy at work.
2.Someone is out of town and took his computer with computer won't even pull up my blog.
3.Did I mention I've been busy at work.
4. I went to Florida for my second shower and had no computer/ had to catch up on sleep when I got back.
5. WORK!

So I'm hoping I'll get the chance to post  (before the end of the weekend) on all of this:
- A work party we had that was so much fun - at a bowling alley.
- The shower in Florida
- Wedding updates and the cool stuff that came in from Etsy.
- Visiting Florida
- Where are going to live - the battle between GA and FL.

Sneak Peak from the shower...

The theme was fishing (sort of) and the invitation/frame says "She took the bait and he lured her in."

More on that...but for now while I'm here Congratulations to my brother and his beautiful wife on their fifth anniversary!! They look just as happy as the day the got married and also just as messy as the first time they threw cake on each other. I sense a tradition coming on. ;-)



  1. Can't wait to see all the pictures from everything that has been keeping you busy - and I feel your pain on a non-blog working computer! GRRR

    btw- your ticker says 1 month until the big day! AH :)

  2. How fantastic! Happy Engagiversary.