Friday, October 15, 2010

Awards Ceremony

I am so thankful for such great readers!!

I have received a couple of awards and need to say "Thank You" to all who have honored me. :-)

First up - an award from FSUgirl101 at The Bucket List who's blog takes me back! She writes about life in college (my college to be exact. :-)) and the bucket list of things she wishes to complete before it's over. Thanks girl!!

Second - from Lacey at Southern in the City who also has a great blog to read- recently she went on a "farm adventure," and we have a LOT in common so I love reading her blog for that reason too. She gave me this award..Thanks girl!

and last but not least!... from Amber at The Daily Dose whos blog is so cute with her expecting baby time line and all of the cute baby showers/baby happenings going on....this award...(Thanks Amber!)

Thanks ladies!! I'll will soon do a follow up to this post and make sure I award these awards to my other lovely blogger friends! Have a great weekend!

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