Monday, October 25, 2010

Did-It-Myself Wedding Decor

I have no idea how I am posting on my blog right now given the intense state of nervous anxiety I am in with the wedding being only 3 weeks away. Less than that! However, I decided to share a little DIY project I have been working on to go with the "favor" table.

To spruce up the favor bags I made monogrammed favor tags using some Martha Stewart products I am so proud to own.

Items needed for project:

Martha Stewart Circle Cutter
Heavy Paper
Printed Paper
Colored Ribbon
Martha Stewart DIY Stamp kit.
Color Block stamp ink
(All of these items I found at Michaels and used 40% - 50% off coupons to purchase the circle cutter, and DIY stamp kit.)

First I used the circle cutter to make circles just a little bigger than my stamp.  I cut them out on a plastic cutting board - but I would suggest using a wooden cutting board.

I then used the monogrammed stamp to personalize my little circles. I used a stamp with a vine around the edges, but there are a couple to choose from.

I used a vintage textile pattern from a book I purchased to print this design on heavy paper. Then I cut circles a little larger than my first circle. I glued the smaller one on top and waited for it to dry.

 After the glue dried, I punched a small teardrop hole in the top and tied a green ribbon around it so that I could secure it to one of the favor bags.


 Since I am marrying a baseball player we are appropriately having peanuts and cracker jacks as two of our favors as well as Hershey kisses and personalized Hershey bars - in honor of our adopted dog - Hershey.

I turned this...

Into this...

Using some regular printer paper (with my textile template) and a little glue. Wondering where I got this super cute vintage pattern? I found this book in a little store in Nashville called Social Graces. If you are ever in the area it is definitely worth the stop. The book I purchased is called the Repro Depot by Djerba Goldfinger. When you buy the book it comes with a CD that has all of the patterns for you to use. I paid $25 for it, but it looks like you can get it for just a couple dollars on Amazon.

Dear Wedding,
Can i please have my life back so I can post on my blog more???


  1. Those are so cute! Try to have some fun these next 3 weeks - it'll be over before you know it!

  2. what a cute idea! And the fact that you made them yourself adds so much!
    I cannot believe your wedding is 3 weeks away! I was just home for one of my best friend's wedding and it was so much fun, but they did a lot of the decorations themselves so I think she was ready for the big day!
    Keep your chin up, lady! I know these next 3 weeks will FLY by!

  3. Wow it looks fantastic!! And THREE weeks, it's getting so close! You must be getting so excited :)

  4. Omg Jess - you are so creative! I think you may have found your calling!! I can't wait to see everything you've done - its less than a month away!

  5. Such cute stuff!!! I can't wait to see everything come together!

  6. How amazing! Aren't you so nifty?!

  7. These came out so cute! I'm busy looking for ideas like this for my sister's wedding (in April). Thanks for the inspiration!