Friday, September 10, 2010

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

In case you are looking for an AMAZING read this weekend here is my suggestion:

Emily Giffin is a FANTASTIC writer. I'm sure most of you are well aware of her books, but just in case you haven't heard... All of my friends have read her books too and I think we all agree - we love her style of writing! I read both of these books last week and only spent a day reading each of them. The story lines are pretty intriguing. Something borrowed is about two best friends and one of which is getting married. One is pretty, one is smart. The whole time I was thinking about which one I was most like. Anyways read these books if you haven't already!!

Also, just to note - after I read the books I kept thinking about how I wished they would make a I went on Emily's website, and sure enough SOBO comes out sometime this year with a great cast of characters! I LOVE when that happens!


  1. I read these books about a year and a half ago and ate them up.
    They are her best books, but her other three are great also.
    Baby Proof, Love the One Your With and Heart of the Matter are AMAZING. They don't follow the same story, but Emily sneaks characters from earlier books into these ones.
    Darcy and her man (can't remember his name anymore) are mentioned in Baby Proof, and the character from Baby Proof is mentioned in Love the One You're With, and Dex and Rachel are characters in Heart of the Matter (through the entire book!!)
    I love Emily's writing, and CANNOT wait until Something Borrowed comes out!!!!!

  2. I loved Something borrowed so I guess that means I should get Something blue too!

  3. These books are on my to-read. I think I might move them up to the top now. :)

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  5. I haven't endulged in Heart of the Matter yet, but read the other three, each in record time. One of the other three I had brought with me to a wedding in Boston (where we spent a week at a lake house) and I had to keep sneeking off from the activities to read every minute I could because I simply couldn't put it down. The movie should be fabulous - can't wait!