Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nola: Part 2

Upon arriving at the Hotel Monteleone, we found the room decorated with gift bags, balloons, and Richard...

Aren't those rooms incredible? Love that place!! (More on Richard Later) We got ready for our first night out and hit the road...wearing really big heels. BAD IDEA! Trust me if you ever go to New Orleans do NOT wear heels.

First stop - "Hand Grenades" - a Big Easy must!

They were soooo good! Try em if you go there.

Then we went to eat dinner at the Gumbo Shop. We asked our waitress what her favorite shot which she replied, "Well....uhhh.... an Espresso shot." ?!?!What?!?!  She said that she promised God if the Saints won the Super Bowl last year then she wouldn't drink for a year.... Ok... I guess I can respect that???  Really?

After dinner we were off again in search of a hurricanes at Pat O Brien's.

And then we found them! So good!! I was super excited!

We I made friends with fellow celebrators...this girl was celebrating her 21st...and the one below...her wedding... which was 20 minutes before this photo...

Trust me I wasn't touching her at all. I was trying to show my ring and that I too was going to be a bride. Came out looking much worse!!

Can I just say it was a little humid+hot in Nola! Perfect weather for my hair which took FOREVER to curl. ;-)

Stay tuned for tomorrow...Day 2 (The End). Sorry I can't finish in one post, but I'm so exhausted with way too much to do!! Love ya'll!


  1. haha the waitress! I cannot believe it-haha but good for her for sticking to her...promise?
    Looks like you girls had a TON of fun on day 1! Ya'll are so beautiful! And I'll believe that you're not grabbing that newly-wed's boob...although it does look that way! haha

  2. Looks like you girls had a great time! Thank you so much for choosing the Hotel Monteleone to celebrate.


    Hotel Monteleone

  3. It looks like you had a blast!

  4. I absolutely LOVE New Orleans!