Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Early Wedding Surprises

We are trying to do things in our wedding that haven't been seen before - at least by us. I'm a very untraditional bride and I like fresh ideas. I like to put a twist on EVERYTHING. My fiance' thinks it's just a tad annoying, but I think it's what is going to make our wedding day "ours." So recently we have both been surprised with gifts from our works that we are going to incorporate into our wedding. :-) What is our wedding theme? Well I don't really know, but it's a little of everything. Rustic, vintage, baseball, fall, natural themed I guess. I don't have "colors" either... Anyways back to the surprise!

I was leaving for lunch the other day and one of the lawyers I work with came and told me she had just signed for a really big box that came for me from one our consultants out in California. I was terrified! The only thing I ever get in the mail from our consultants is more work. (Unless it's Christmas and then sometimes they send really good treats ;-) Anyways, I walked back into the office because now I was really anxious to see what they had to send me and how much work it was going to be. The box said it was from a weird name. I think it just said from "Bob" actually. I don't know a Bob from California so that was a little odd. At the same time one of my co workers told me to wait and walked off to go and get someone. I grabbed a knife and started opening the huge box and noticed one of our foresters coming around the corner. He asked me what was in the box, like he didn't know... Sneaky sneaky! This is what I found...

HUUUUUGE Pine Cones.... and just in case you can't tell how big they are...

That puts it in perspective.

I am so lucky to work with such great people! This particular forester remembered me saying a long time ago that I wanted a pine cone like the one he had in his office. I had never seen one so big, but I love them!! He sent me 11 huge cones for my wedding and they came from one of our properties in California. I am so lucky to have something that means so much and be able to use it in such a big way for my wedding. How am I going to use them you ask?

That's a surprise too...but I'll let you know before the wedding. I promise!

As if my husband's line of work could top this....they tried. :-)

I'll tell you more about that when I can get a good picture. It should be here in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait!!

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