Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Dreams

I am hoping that the more bad dreams you have about your wedding the less likely they will come true…

Dream #1: Entailed me waking up on the day of my wedding and NOTHING was ready. We had a place we were getting married and we had some guests (mostly my family.) But we did not have a pastor, I did not have a dress, we did not have a photographer, and all my great ideas were just a thing of the past. I had no time to do anything. This is probably one of my biggest fears and probably because I am a huge procrastinator with certain things. (The wedding being one of them.) I really want my wedding to be a finished product so I can understand why I had this dream. So since we didn’t book our pastor my dad had to fill in. I also didn’t have anyone to do my hair so I had to straighten it. Didn’t get my nails done and had to wear a dress I found at the mall.

I am happy to report that I have booked my amazing photographer – Addilay Photography. Susan and I have become great friends and I am SOOO excited that she is shooting our wedding. We haven’t stopped receiving compliments on our engagement pictures. :-) Thank you Susan and Brandon!

I still have not booked my Pastor, hairdresser, nails, but I have ordered my dress!

Dream #2: Again I wake up and it’s my wedding day only this time we are at my parent’s house and the wedding is starting at 10am. Since my wedding is supposed to be at 3 or 4 (we haven’t decided yet), I was wondering the whole time why it was starting earlier. Again I didn’t have anything I wanted and this time there were no guests. I wonder why…since the wedding was at 10am.

So my dad walks me down the aisle past my family – the only guests – and then again, takes his place as the pastor. What a nightmare! After our short ceremony, my mom suggests we all go out to eat since there aren’t many people and skip the ceremony. I kept trying to make things ok in my mind until I found out that my parents tricked us to getting married earlier in the day so they had the rest of the day to do whatever they wanted. This would never happen, but I remember waking up furious!

(The real ceremony location.)

After this dream, I still haven’t booked a pastor or hair or nails. What am I thinking!?

Dream #3: (Last night) I had a dream that my wedding was only 2 days away. At this point I have a lot of my vendors booked, I have most of the ceremony decorations and I have paid the deposit on our super cute custom invitations from Hornbillhill. The only problem is I still haven’t sent the deposit to our florist – The Flower Post -  because I wanted to deliver it personally.  I also haven’t gotten any info on cakes. So the whole time I’m begging Shane to let us push the wedding back a couple of months so that I can get the invitations and send them out and get the rest of the wedding figured out. Again - no pastor. We didn’t actually get married in this dream because there was a huuuge storm and then I woke up. Thankfully I woke up!

(The invitation behind our invitation....hoping i'm not spoiling it, but I LOVE Jennifer's work!)

So there is a lot of motivation this week to get the ball rolling on several things I have been putting off. Here is the to do list:

1. Bring the florist her deposit, a CD I made her, and ask her to switch from Thistles to dried Lavender in the bridesmaids bouquets.
2. Meet with the videographer and book, because I have an instant great feeling about him.
3. Start researching our pastor and get in touch with the counselor who did our marriage counseling so we can finish the 10 week book four our counseling.
4. Book my hair appointment so I can talk to my super great hairstylist Kim and try to work out prices. I didn’t realize hair was soo expensive!
5. Figure out why our DJ friend hasn’t called.
6. Write my super sweet photographer an email to keep in touch! Love her!
7. Finish sending out Round 2 of the Save the Dates.

(Our baseball card STD, Front and Back)

Wow looks like I have my work cut out for me! Here’s to a super productive week!

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  1. Don't worry, I had crazy wedding dreams too and our wedding was unbelievably perfect. I'm new to your blog, and just wanted to say hello! I love the "invitation behind your invitation." I blog about our newlywed adventures at, and found you through Enjoying the Small Things. Isn't she just the best?