Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Dinner Thursdays

For the past couple of weeks our ATL friends, the fiance', and I have been getting together for family dinner. We started this tradition with a group of our friends we know here in Atlanta. We try to go every Thursday and usually the plan is to find a restaurant that has some sort of deal. The first night we joined everyone for some Sushi at Ra Sushi - Atlanta. We have been to the West Palm Beach Ra when it opened a couple of years ago. I'd definitely say the Atlanta one is much better, mainly because they don't serve carrots in their sushi, but also because Thursday from 5-7 there is a half price sushi menu. I apparently didn't get the "half-price menu," so our bill was a little higher. I guess I didn't hear everyone say several times, "Can you pass me the half-price menu?" Oh well... the next night out was a little cheaper...


  Family Dinner # 2 - we all met up at a local favorite- Fatt Matt's Rib Shack. What an experience. :-) When we went on the website we saw there would be a live band and amazing food. When we got there and tried to save a table there was literally not even a chair to save.  There might have been 10 tables in the whole restaurant. Ten tables that seat four people that is. The restaurant was a cafeteria style set up with very old school food. I think we even got a piece of Wonder Bread for our "toast."

 Take #1.... and then again with Whitters and Jordan :-)

Notice the awesome band in the back. We had no idea how they planned on setting up. The place is literally as big as my one bedroom apartment. Everyone had a good laugh about the Crypt Keeper band guy. Close up...

(Hint - he's the guy in the middle.) Also - what a great picture of Atlanta's version of Mt Rushmore. Classic...

We actually had a really great time at Fat Matt's. We stayed there almost three hours before heading out. 

Dinner #2 - Tonight our family mom (AKA Whitters, AKA Nipps) picked another great place in the Highlands. I don't remember what it was called, but they had half off crab legs, oysters and shrimp so we got there 5 minutes before the deal ended and ordered as much as we could. Not as many of our "family" joined us tonight, but we still had a great time and somehow racked up a $200 dollar bill between the 6-7 of us.

Another pretty fun night. This place had an amazing wrap around deck that sat up in the trees. It was a great environment with awesome music too. I ate most of the crab legs. MMmmmmm can't wait to go back. 

 I'll let you know where we go next week. It's been a fun little tradition we started and hopefully we will continue. It's definitely another reason I don't want to leave Atlanta if we do end up moving after we get married?!? Only time will tell.

I'm off to enjoy the amazing banana pudding I made earlier. Have a great night!!

Sloppy, but Amazing!!

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