Monday, June 21, 2010

A Tribute to Hunter

It's so hard to lose a dog.

Late Friday night my mom called me to let me know that our family dog had a really awful day and that he was no longer eating or drinking. When I visited the weekend before he seemed pretty old, but still happy. He muffed up a couple of barks for me when I got there. I tried to sing to him like I always did when I lived there, but he had completely lost his hearing and couldn't hear me. This is the last picture we took of him. 

These are things I remember about Hunter:

He would always bark in excitement whenever we came home to visit. 
He loved Kelly, our other family dog.
He used to go swimming with us all the way out in the middle of the river. If we forgot him he would swim the whole way out and then jump in the boat when he got there. 
My dad used to let him and Kelly run in the river till they were tired, then they would get in the boat and drift back. 
He always growled at me when he had a bone. He growled at me more than anyone actually. The doctor said it was part of putting me in "pecking order." It was his way of showing dominance.

Once he even protected the Christmas tree when we wrapped a bone for him. He laid there all night waiting to open his present.
He loved his walks down the lane. 
He was all in all just a really great dog. 
His nicknames were Hunter Bunter and Hunt. (Creative I know.)
He was my dad's best friend.

I wish I could remember more about him, but it's hard to think about him now that he's gone. 

I love you Hunter! I'll miss you buddy.


  1. He was also called Humble Hunter because he never picked a fight and would submit to anything and everyone except for Jess. ;) He held a special spot in his heart for her. I could take the bone from his mouth but Jess couldn't even look at him from 20ft away without a severe growl and a teeth demonstration. He was also Humble Hunter because he had the strange habit of peeing on himself if he thought you were talking sternly to him. He would lay on the ground on his back and just let loose. We had many a laugh at that dog. He loved to swim in the river with us. One day I was about a mile from shore on the windsurfer to find a bobbing head of a golden. Hunter windsurfed all the way back to shore. Hunter was never quite the same after Kelly passed. They really were quite the pair. They loved the water and dad would lasso them to the canoe for a ride on Saturday mornings. They both had seemingly endless energy. Hunter would dip his head under the water to "see" the fish better. He would come up for air with sea weed on his head. He never timed his breathing right while underwater and always ended up choking on some of the salty water. It sounded like a dieing cow. He was our longest living dog and the one with the best memories. Sorry to see him go but glad to not see him suffer any more. Big Brother

  2. Oh my Jess...I'm so sorry. I am crying now just reading this. My dogs are part of my family too and so close to my heart. I hope that time heals your pain and only the memories remain that will last a lifetime. Hang in there.

  3. Awww Jess! I am so so sorry! I know how hard it is to lose a childhood/family pet and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. xoxo