Monday, July 12, 2010


Because I've been a busy bride I figured I would do a post that encompasses my last two weeks....

Mr. Incredible got me some gorgeous lillies. He knew I was looking for blue flowers for the wedding and so he brought these home. I will not be using them in the wedding, but I did love them as my centerpiece for a week.

We saw Strausburg the "phenom" pitch against the Braves. Shane got to see what it feels like to sit in the crowd with the fans. He was pretty upset by the time we left, he's very ancy being injured.
 We had "family dinner" with everyone at Ru San's in Buckhead. We welcomed a new member - Jay who provided most of the nights entertainment with his jokes. The rolls were so big you could barely fit them in your mouth - as demonstrated above. I thought the sushi was pretty good. Not my favorite, but certainly better than most places. 

We went to the Lake House where we got engaged and enjoyed spending time with my fiance's parents. 
The weather was mostly overcast all weekend, but we did get to go fishing once while were were there. 

We rescued a turtle who had so much algea on his shell that he couldn't swim. He was also hit by a boat so there was air getting under his shell and we think it was making him float. We took all the algea off and he was able to swim right under. Hopefully he goes on to live a long happy turtle life. :-)

After a long day we caught one nasty mud fish and thankfully it jumped and unhooked itself so we didn't have to touch it. We were fishing for crappie and bass, but we picked up a bottom feeder. Better luck next time I guess. 

It's been a great couple of weeks. Looking forward to another great couple of summer months!

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