Monday, July 26, 2010

Cakes, cakes, cakes

Because we were shopping around for a wedding cake, I decided to try my skills at a homemade yellow cake with chocolate buttercream frosting....Martha, you failed me again!

So the actual cake itself turned out ok, but can you tell from the shiny glow how buttery that icing is? The recipe, from Martha's blue cooking book, called for 5 and a half sticks of butter with only 6 ounces of chocolate! Being the beginner that I am I didn't second guess how much that was. I mean after all it was called buttercream icing and I couldn't really remember if I had tried that kind of icing before. Yuck!!

I might try one more recipe from her book and then pass it on to someone else for better luck. Does she really have so many people test the recipes before she prints them? I can hardly agree with that.

See ya later butter cake.... you were disgusting!

My fiance' took me out for a special dinner one night last week. There was no special occasion. He just called me at work and said we had reservations at seven.

To thank him, I made a yummy peach cobbler...

The peaches were perfect!

But, he said it was too much like cake and not enough like cobbler? I don't really get that; I thought it was great.
I made it for my brother and his wife over the weekend and my brother said it was the best he ever had. :-)

The first attempt was a little cakey...but it was good!

How do you like your cobbler? More like cake or more like pie?


  1. More like pie... Sorry :) LP

  2. Don't knock it till you try it :-)

  3. Umm... you need to set up your email so that when you leave a comment on my blog I can write you back missy!! But lemme know what mr. fiance says about the sweet texts, silly boy he oughtta be sending them! Slackin off jeesh