Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sofa Choices

I said I would get back to the sofa issue so here we go....

I love all things Pottery Barn! Have I said that yet? I can't tell you how much, it's a sick obsession. So, their couches were, of course, the ONLY couches I would consider. (Spoiler Alert - we did not choose a PB couch - GASP!) These were the choices...

I did a lot of research on these two couches. I even saw the Charleston at the PB outlet in Memphis. It was not a good deal! See what I mean here. The PB Basic was compared in a lot of reviews to the Ikea version of the same exact couch. I had no idea there was a knock off so I had to see it if it was too good to be true. Sure enough....same couch!

Behold the EKTORP Sofa...

I read a slew of mixed advice on these couches. Some say white couches are terrible and look dingy in months... Some say these slipcovered couches are easy breasy bc you can just wash out the wine stains and puke stains and dog pee... Some said these couches are so hard to put back together after washing the covers... While others thought they were well worth the money. The opinions that I really worried about were people saying that the couches frames were sagging in the middle after only a couple years. And that is the last thing I want - a saggy couch. Enough things will be saggy eventually in life, might as well not be my couch.

So today my husband and I decided to check out a local store in Memphis called Sensational Sofas. We were so impressed by the knowledge the two friendly ladies shared with us about couches and design and really all sorts of life lessons. We were probably there well over an hour talking about the quality of couches today, what would work in our new house, what style we liked. I had so much fun. We also fell in LOVE with one of their newest styles and I think we will proably order before we leave town for the season. I CANNOT wait to see them in person. I took pictures of the couch material (big pillow) the accent chair (top fabric) and 2 of the sofa pillows (bottom fabric.) The sofa pillows were a tough choice to make. Feel free to give input!

With Red Striped Pillows

With Blue Striped Pillows (Matches our painting)

With Black Houndstooth

And with my favorite choice the tan stripes...

What do you think??


  1. I really like the 1st and 2nd option the best - which one did you end up choosing?!

  2. It's between the first and last choice I think. Shane keeps asking me when we are going to add color to our house haha.

  3. I like the first choice. :) So cute! When will you be in town?