Monday, June 20, 2011

Ahi Tuna - Memphis Style

My husband really was really craving our favorite ahi tuna recipe,  and although I was a little weary about the tuna selection in landlocked Memphis, I bit the bullet and we found fresh tuna at the Fresh Market. How convenient! Right off the boat? Maybe not, but it looked so good!

We usually split the recipe in half unless we are expecting company, but even for half of the recipe we needed the zest of 1 lime. Easy right? Yes, if you are in Atlanta, with ALL of your kitchen tools that would be REAL easy! Unfortunately, I did not bring a zester to Memphis so my clever husband suggested I use a .... butter knife. So being the sweet, gracious, husband-pleasing wife that I am ... I obliged.

Took me about 20 minutes to get the zest of 1/2 a lime and my hubbs said, "That's good enough."  You're welcome sweetheart! He finished the rest of the ingredients and my hands were too soar to take a "completed picture." However, I did photograph the yummy cajun tilapia we later made. It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

I think that was tilapia? Anyways, have you ever had to improvise on a tool as convenient as a zester??

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  1. oh man I feel your pain! We don't have a zester (shh I know, it's horrible) so whenever I see "zest" in a recipe I cringe. It's definitely something we'll be putting on our registry!