Sunday, June 26, 2011

The House

We recently purchased a new home and I'm really excited to share the spaces that I am going to decorate over the next year. We are practically going to need to furnish and decorate the whole place. That will most likely be a long project, but here is the "before" of our new home.

The community looks like this, although this isn't our particular house.

 The dining room.

 The kitchen.

 The living room (previous owner's furniture.)

 Master Bedroom (again not our furniture.)

 Master Bathroom

 Guest Bedroom

Guest Bathroom

 Living Room 

The Patio (Not our home, but I forgot to take a picture of ours. :-( )

And the pool.

I am so excited to have my first place to decorate and make all homey and what not. I also cannot wait to cook in my new kitchen. This blog is going to get exciting! I can feel it ya'll!


  1. Your place looks amazing!! Congrats! Cant wait to see how you decorate and furnish it, have fun and happy cooking! Please share yummy recipes hehe:)

  2. Oh my goodness gracious it's beautiful!!! I cannot wait to see how you make it your own. You're very first home as a married couple - how exciting!!!!

  3. Holy gorgeous! I could DIE for all that crown molding ;)