Saturday, June 25, 2011

PB Shopping

I may or may not have a reason to be shopping for a new sofa, but that's another story. I've been addicted to Pottery Barn everything really since the Mr and I were looking for a house. Unfortunately, the PB prices aren't exactly "first time homebuyer" friendly.

I have found a great alternative to the PB store in the Lenox mall, which is the PB Outlet store in Dawsonville, Ga. A mere 45 minutes away to save on practically anything you can get at the regular store. Enter problems...

My husband found this chair...

Which is priced at the store for $1499.00. He saw it randomly in the outlet store with a price tag of 599.99. SOLD!

This brings me to some tips about PB Outlet shopping:

1. No need to buy from the store anymore since most everything is cheaper at the outlet...Duh!
2. Not everything at the outlet is a good deal! For instance, I saw a rug at the regular store for $250. I saw the same rug at the outlet except that it said it was $200 on sale from $450. Ok, so that may seem confusing bc it's a better price right? But, here is the problem...
3. Most of the Outlet stores merchandise didn't sell in the regular store, so they sent it to the outlet store and mark it a tad bit cheaper. This might seem still confusing bc I get it, it's cheaper. But look at #4 for the best deal!
4. The PB outlet stores receive all of the "catalog returns" and usually mark them half off or more for a quick sale. This mean that rug probably would have come to the outlet store and sold for $100 - 150!
5. If the outlet store carries more than 1 of the item you think is "cheaper," its usually not as cheap as it could be if it were a "catalog return."
6. These "catalog returns" are SUPER hard to find because I've heard "little ebay ladies" come when the shipping truck gets there and snag all the good deals then turn around and sell them on ebay. Those little b#$^$#@$!
7. The store in Atlanta gets their shipments on Monday and Tuesday morning. So IF you get their early (say 8am) and IF you wear protective gear you might be able to compete with the "little ebay ladies" for AMAZING deals. How amazing you ask??

I've been salivating over this chandelier since we bought our new house (whoops cats out of the bag).

In the store this chandelier retailed for $399.00. It recently went on sale for $299. Then I saw it in the PB outlet Memphis for $279.00. Not that much difference right? Plus they were carrying more in the back. This week, however, I went back and saw it again and it was a "catalog return." I snagged this GORGEOUS chandelier for around $60! And that my friends is how to get PB on a "first time homebuyer's" budget.

Ok I'll get back to the sofa in my next post. I received all of this "inside" information from a nice man at one of the outlet stores and had to share it with you all! Happy shopping!