Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend with the BFF - Vintage Finds

This weekend while my future hubby was off catching these

He decided to try and surprise me and send up my best friend for the weekend.
(Really old pic)

Buggers and I waited all night for her to get to Atlanta...

The plan was to do as much wedding stuff as possible. So Friday night I showed her my dress and all of my cool wedding finds. Saturday we went to Roswell and found an estate sale. Wow! I have never had so much fun going through someone's house in my life!

I got an old camera with some really old weird film to go with it. I also got a ton of old wooden thread spools with threading needles and and a really old tape measure. I will use all these for the vintage decor at the wedding. How much did it all cost? 5$!!!! Vintage themes are the best! .....Well certainly one of the cheapest.

After the estate sale we headed up to old Roswell to look in some antique shops. We didn't have much luck until I stumbled across this guy...

It's a sewing table that was made in the early 1800's. Originally it was marked at 180 or + dollars. I saw that it was on sale for 60$, but that particular booth was having a 60% off sale. I don't really think the 60% off was supposed to be on this table, but the lady at check out said it was. I ended up paying only $25 for this really rustic vintage amazing table!

To celebrate we went to Party Chic. I have been wanting to go there for a while since my sister-n-law told me about it. It started as a cake bakery and since then now serves lunch and host adorable parties. It's the girliest place on earth and I loved it!

Lauren's sandwich was a little on the tough side though and I've never laughed harder watching her try to eat it. The food (other than her brick hard sandwich) was amazing - espeically the cookies!!!

We came home and our friend Erin tried to curl Lauren's stick straight hair as a test for the wedding. I'd say it turned out to be pretty successful. We'll see if it works out for the big day.

Thanks BFF for coming to visit me in Atlanta! I had a great time and I miss hanging out with you! See you soon!!!


  1. It looks like you had a blast. I'm super jealous. I love anything vintage!

  2. awww how sweet of your soon-to-be-hubby to fly her out! Looks like you girls had a great time!

  3. wow you found some great stuff at the estate sale! I love going to those! glad yall had a great time-and your hair looks pretty!!!