Tuesday, August 10, 2010


When it came to choosing a photographer my choice was very simple... my friend Mrs. Bear introduced me to Addilay Photography when she was planning her wedding in Destin, Fl. She had amazing pictures such as these: (Thanks in advance Mrs. Bear for letting me borrow your pictures ;-)

Check out more about Mrs. Bear here.

After I saw her engagement pictures my draw dropped and I had to have the same photographer. Yes I was a copy cat. See I saw her pictures before I was even engaged so as soon as he did propose the first thing I said was, "CAN WE GET OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES NOW?!!" No - I didn't really say that first. I said YES first and then I asked. Hahaha. (no not really...geeze.)

Anyways, Susan at Addilay Photography is one of the sweetest people on the earth. When we did our engagement shoot it was about 30 degress out and extremely windy. She and her husband were so generous with their time and really made us feel at home with what we did. I was pretty nervous because I'm not the most photogenic person in the world, but I was ecstatic with the turn out...

If you are wondering about the 30 degrees I mentioned with my choice of attire... no I didn't feel my toes for the next several days and it was well worth it. Beauty is PAIN!

I'm in the process of having many of these framed for the wedding so consider yourself lucky for seeing them ahead of time. Susan is available for travel (She's coming to Atlanta for my wedding) and HIGHLY recommended. She is a top vendor on my list! Check her out!

Ok I"m off to go running for the evening!
P.S. I tried to go to bed at 9:30 last night as apart of my whole becoming a morning person problem, and I rolled around for 3 hours and think I actually lost sleep - so that's not working....


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous!

  2. in the last pic you look like penelope cruz!!

  3. Your pictures are beautiful (and I love Mrs. Bear's as well). Getting to bed early stinks, and takes a few nights getting used to. But I hear ya on rolling around and feeling like your losing sleep..NOT FUN.

  4. LOVE the pictures! You look stunning in them!

  5. These pictures are beautiful! LOVE the dress you are wearing!!! happy engagement:o)

  6. having an important wedding photographer is so important! although, i've realized, you just need one (or a few) good photos to savor! xo

  7. Um, WOW! AMAZING pictures...and I absolutely love your dress! I'm also partial to the one with your lab...we have two and they're totally our babies!