Tuesday, August 3, 2010


This was the inspiration board I made before I met with any florist to decide on the floral arrangements:

I used a picture of the bridesmaids dress, a pretty lace wedding dress from Jim Hjelm, and bouquets that I had found all over the internet (mainly greenweddingshoes) to show her my wedding taste. I want something soft, but with some sort of substance. I definately want something different. I met with Jill from the Flower Post and immediantly fell in love with her style. She would rather do something completely unordinary than a bouquet of red or pink or white roses. I thoroughly stalked her website before I met with her. I found these beautiful peices...

She's one of those people that have an amazing eye for something fresh and unseen or at least you don't see it every day. Before we met she asked me what kind of flowers I really liked because she said she would order them or make sure they were in the store so we could see what everything was going to look like. I choose flowers like these:

Green/white hydrangeas, dried lavendar, garden roses, and balsa wood flowers (haven't actually told her about the last one yet.) 

Ok to be honest every time I go to the store or drive through neighborhoods I find another flower that I like and think would be perfect for the wedding. Hopefully Jill doesn't want to shoot me because I think I've changed my mind a trillion times. But for now, this is what I like. I think it's pretty unordinary and in the picture I think they look great together.

What do you think?

My bouquet is going to be a bigger version of the bridesmaid bouquets. I told her I didn't really mind too much what the groomsmen's flowers look like. She is making mismatched table arragangments with these colors and then she also making a couple of custom peices... like these moss letters of our initials:

She's also making a handcarved wood sign with our initials. Underneath it will say "Est 2010." She said she would carve in something else like maybe a fish...I'll have to figure that out. In the meantime I'm extremely anxious to see the final product!


  1. those flowers are beautiful! I really like the balsa wood ones! I don't think I've ever heard of those before but they sure are pretty!

  2. I love your wedding style, it's so elegant and unique! The lavendar will be a gorgeous accent in the bouquets! And, I love the moss letters!

    I haven't planned a wedding, but it seems like you have a great start, and hopefully your florist will be able to take your ideas and create something more beautiful, and to your taste, than you could have ever imagined!

  3. Also loving the lavender! I LOVE LOVE peonies which is what I think you have on the very right

    I AM IN LOVE with the moss initials!!

  4. Gorgeous!!! Can I please contract your services to help me someday!!! :)

  5. ...just wanted to say thank you for the supportive comment yesterday! It's nice to know I am not alone, and understood :) ...and yes we are very lucky to have such great guys! <3

  6. I love the wood sign with your initials. That's something you can keep to hang in your home after the wedding.