Monday, August 16, 2010

Seeing a Need

The Blindside - I'm probably the last person on earth to watch this movie and its because I knew what it would do to me. I have a headache from crying so hard. I can relate to Sandra Bullock in this movie because I too share the same compassion.

I thank God for the gifts He's given me and especially the gift to see a need. I'm not trying to toot my horn or anything like that, but in a humble state of mind I'll tell you that being able to help someone is one of the most joyous things I've experienced in life. The other day we were doing some shopping for our wedding and I saw a little girl sitting at a table playing with an empty carton that had pretzel cinnamon at the bottom. How did I know it was cinnamon? Because the next thing she did was pour it all over her face..

I immediately searched the crowd for her mom or dad or siblings. I noticed a lady in front of us and saw her call out to the little girl. Not wanting to give up her sacred spot in the pretzel line she let the little girl get extremely dirty and pick up and throw all of the trash around her. The little girl had special needs. Special needs that in my opinion were not being met. I think the little girl's grandmother was taking care of her. I'm thankful for the family the little girl has, but my heart was broken. No sooner than I looked at Shane to see what he was thinking about the little girl she fell. And as a line full of people stood there and watched her try and get back up no one offered her a hand. She fell a twice more before I shoved my luggage  purse in Shane's hands and lunged forward to pick her up. She looked at me and smiled as I brushed the cinnamon off her face.I gave her a hug and sent her back to her Grandma. I cannot get that little girl off my mind. I always wonder where she is now and how she is.  I pray that God keeps her safe and meets her needs.

"The Blindside" touched my heart in so many ways. I keep joking with Shane that we too are someday going to end up with someone else kid. This movie, like many others, has sparked a fire in me. In this case I don't think that's such a bad idea.

I am thankful for opportunities to help others and look forward to finding more. I understand it's a selfish thing too because it feels so GOOD to put a smile on someone's face. What Mrs. Touhy did for Michael Oher was very inspirational. Anyone can change a life and I hope to change many, but one would be just fine. She said during the movie that she was happy. Just sooo happy and it was because of him. I want to feel the same way. I want to draw my happiness from others needs.

Thanks for reading my heartfelt post! I hope you can also find some small way to change a life or help someone- bc it feels that good. :-)


  1. thanks for sharing your story - you made that girl's day and it's understandable that you can't stop thinking about her.
    We need more people like you in the world ;)

  2. That's really sweet what you did - and like Corinne said, we do need more people like you in this world!

  3. dont worry, I actually haven't seen it yet myself either. What a great story and i'm sure you changed that girls aspect of life one way or another. We need more people like you.

  4. LOVING this post......I would say you were very sweet for helping that little girl, BUT I know where you're coming from with this and if I could take home every child/person who needed to be loved and cared for then I would as well....loving this inspirational post! :) God bless you!!