Monday, August 8, 2011

Allergies - The Story of My Life

After going to the doctor the same time every year for 4 years in a row, I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis. Basically, I have sinus infection year round. This year I was tested to see just what I was allergic to. My doctor scratched me with 70 different allergens and left the room. He said when he came back if anything looked like a bug bite then I was allergic.....well long story short....

I'm allergic to everything!!! And the top three are things I live with/near everyday!

#3 - The Dog - As cute as he is, I wake up every morning with him snuggling right next to me accompanied by a huge headache on whatever side of the pillow my face is on.

#2 Dust mite - Change your sheets much? I have to change mine at least once a week- which I realize I should probably do anyways. The pillows and mattress are also covered in allergen protectors to keep these guys away. What do I do in a hotel or families house?? Take a Benedryl. ;-)

#1 Bayberry - Don't worry I didn't know what it was either, but an hour after I was pricked with it at the doctors office it spread all the way up my shoulder. This is what keeps me in bed some days and its everywhere! Bayberry is a ornamental shrub often used in landscaping. In fact 5 feet from my front door ....

The bad news - medicine doesn't help and I often get nosebleeds from the pressure.

The good news - you can be treated for your allergies holistically!

Next week I am starting immunotherapy - a treatment which will put doses of these allergens and several others that I'm allergic to into my body via a shot. The goal is that hopefully after a couple of years I will be immune to these allergies and no longer suffer sinus headaches every February through November.

In other news I just got back from the hottest HOT yoga class and I'm a little tired! Sweet dreams Monday!

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  1. oo you poor thing! My Mom has been taking the shots for her allergies for a few years now! They have helped her tremendously! She's also had sinus surgery once and may need to have it again because hers are so bad :(
    I've never gotten allergy testing done but my Mom keeps telling me I should, although I know I'm already allergic to basically everything...I don't want to go through the pricking to find out!
    Hope the shots start helping you feel better!!!