Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away!

I was thinking maybe I wouldn't mind the rain so much if I could wear these babies! (Hint Hint) I get sometimes it's a choice you make whether to be happy or sad. So I choose to be happy in the these boots. Problem solved!

On another note... I made some progress with my running goal today. Ran 1.88 - so only 298.22 miles to go. It was the the first workout I have had with my trainer in almost 2 months. It feels good to be back!

On a sad note - my husband left today. :-( Spring training is right around the corner so he left to train with his agency. I am hoping he will make a surprise trip back to see me soon! Miss that man!


  1. Ooh I want some wellies too! That picture is hilarious btw

  2. I agree - rain in those boots wouldn't be too shabby!
    BOO for your man to be headed back :( but on a positive note I absolutely adore the photo!

  3. I have those!!! Loves them so much!!!

    I hope you see hubs soooooon!

    Stop torturing me with pictures from the wedding. Post them on FB or I will defriend you.

  4. Hunter boots are my fave :)

    ps. I used to be at American Honey but ive recently made some
    just trying to let all my followers know :) have a great weekend!