Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Goals

It's time to make some new years resolutions - or goals as I like to call them. So lets make it short.

1. Read 30 books this year.  (and I'm well on my way with 1.2 books complete.) I read "The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo" and had to get the next one - "The Girl who played with Fire" today. Phenomenal read!

2. Run 300 miles - of which I haven't even started. It's a pretty modest goal. I could just run 3 miles a day for 100 days and be good, but that NEVER happens. My Nike chip says I've run 250 in a year, so this year it's 300 - hopefully more.

3.  Get Organized - I realize this encompasses almost every facet of my life - but it feels so good to almost have the time to just get my life organized. ( I'll explain the time issue in a later post.) Finance/Budgets, Pictures/Files, Books, Kitchen Stuff, Clothes - I want all of it Martha Stewart Clean. 

4. Post at least 15 times a month. This is probably going to the be the hardest one. I've posted once in 5 days this month a lone! When things get hectic my blog unfortunately ALWAYS takes a back seat. I have plenty of ideas though. P.S. I intend on actually posting on the reason for the name of my blog - which isn't just because my husband plays baseball - because I love to bake!

Wish me luck this year - I'm off to read more of my book!!


  1. I vote that you try to POST MORE! How can I keep up with your life when 18 crazy first graders (yah I said 18 students now) control my life?!

  2. Poor Mrs. Bear! I think you should post more as well! That way Mrs. Bear and I have something 'uber enjoyable to read :)
    I love your goals - I also want/need to get organized!!!!