Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A choking dog & a trip to the vet..

Today was an adventure.... This little guy (see below) was licking his chops LOUDLY all night last night. I couldn't figure out WHAT his problem was. This morning when then the swallowing and licking persisted I took him to the vet to see what the problem was.... 300 dollars later we find out he was choking on something he had tried to swallow, but since little dogs have "frequent" collapsing trachea's he couldn't push it out of his esophagus... does that sound right? Anyways we also learned that he has a microchip! And ... the dog we all thought was 6 years old turns out only to be 3. Happy 3rd Birthday Hershey - sorry we skipped 3 years. Also, you will be learning new tricks, because you are not too old my friend!


  1. oh my!!!! Did they have to have surgery to remove the item or were able to take it out just from the office visit? will your dog be going with you on your adventure of living out of a suitcase?

  2. oh my goodness poor Hershey! I'm glad you took him to the vet and he's recovering - although I'm sure your wallet isn't as pleased.
    I love that you are anxious to teach him some tricks now, too!! Hopefully you were able to get a more restful sleep last night.

  3. CMae - Haha - yes he is bringing his own little suitcase of toys and treats. They actually used some utensil I guess to dislodge the food. I wasn't there when they did so I honestly don't know if they even had to. What can I say - I'm an overcautious dog owner.

    Corinne - I slept AMAZING last night. I'm not sure if dogs his breed are capable of learning much. He seems to get nervous when I give him commands. We're gonna try though!!