Friday, November 5, 2010

Soup Day

I don't know why it always happens to me, but right before I take off for vacation (i.e. I'm getting freakin married) I get a megaload of work to do before I leave. I've been saying it all week (in my head) ... Work + Wedding = big dark circles under my eyes. Fortunately I can reminisce about last weekend when we took this little zebra to Publix for some Halloween fun, and then had "Soup Day," before going out for a little tricker treating with a monkey and mummy.  

Wait... let me rewind to the beginning of the shopping trip when he was in a great mood and in awe of all the characters around him. Poor little guy had my camera in his face the whole time - bc he's just that cute.

He definitely wasn't sure what he thought about the cat in the hat.

We had a great time playing all the games and well mainly getting an excuse to bring the camera with us grocery shopping....haha.

That was actually our second trip to the grocery store that day - we were preparing for ...

where we made...

 The idea of "Soup Day" came from a very organized mama - Kate Gosselin. You may not be a fan, but I think she is great. I especially love her organizational skills and ability to think way in advance. Going into it we thought it was going to be a lot of work, but that's the beauty about making soup.. once you chop all the ingredients you just throw it all in a pot, and stir.

I started with the most difficult (which was really easy) the Caribbean BB soup.

Lauren made her now favorite 9-bean soup.

Which ended up looking sooo good! For dinner we ate Lauren's Chicken Veggie Soup.

After all the soups were finished we put them in freezer safe containers and put them in the freezer for the winter. Actually, my soups had a 20 minute ride home and then they did the same thing.

Before we left though - we had to take a certain monkey out for some candy. He wasn't so happy at first...

Our little mummy found a hot little monster to pay with...while our now happy little monkey found another little happy monkey to "ooo aaa aaa" with.

He charged into the next house for something even greater than candy - this boy is smart - he found a cute little white dog and then looked up at his parents with a big smile on his face. Someone is going to have to get a dog soon. ;-)

And the scariest picture of them all - my dark eyes. Haha - jk - that giant spider!!

We had a great time this year for Halloween. Hershey did not find a home that served dog treats - but that's OK. One day when I have a house - I will serve them. So come and visit. :-)


  1. aww Miley and I will have to take the trek to wherever you are for some doggie treats on halloween! ;)

    Hope all is going well with the big day coming up - your soups all looked delicious as well! Perfect for a day like today (at least here in Pittsburgh). Great pics!!

  2. Fun times!! But next week will top it all off! Cann't wait girl! Don't you worry about those dark circles-you'll look great!! xo

  3. It looks like you had a great time. And what fantastic food!