Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Coffee Makers - Consumer Review

Recently the fiance' convinced me to purchase a new coffee maker that will make a single cup of whatever warm drink your heart desires. He had seen a video from Bed Bath and Beyond's website and we both thought it looked pretty unbelievable. Behold the Tassimo Suprema Single Serve Hot Beverage Maker :

The Pros: It makes a single cup of coffee... really fast. The coffee is the perfect temperature (especially after I add it to my french vanilla creamer and sugar). The water is filtered just like Brita. The disks are completely used up. It foams the cappucino perfectly - not that I drink cappucino.
The Cons: You can't find the "disks" anywhere! I got them at Macy's once, but they are ten dollars for a box of coffee. Maybe sometimes they go on sale for 9$, but that doesn't thrill me at all. The only other option is going to Bed Bath and Beyond and paying their outrageous prices or to order them online. What am I going to do wait 5-10 days for my coffee to come in the mail? I don't think so.
Behold the better product (in my opinion). The Keurig® Platinum B70 Single Serve Brewer/Coffee Maker.

Looks the same, taste the same, but sooo much better!

In my opinion convenience is everything! So I told my fiance' everytime I go to any grocery store I see all the different flavors and choices that this coffee maker has. Plus! they have a little ring holder that keeps all the little coffee/tea/hot chocolate choices oraginzed if guests come over. So this is what we have registered for. The Keurig coffee maker. I am crossing my fingers and I can't wait. Oh and I forgot to mention the best part. Since I am a coupon freak on Saturdays and Sundays before I go shopping, when I found there was a 2$ off coupon on the coffee for this machine I knew we were a match made in heaven.

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  1. I love this coffee maker! The family that I nanny for has it and I make tea all day every day... and sometimes coffee =0)