Monday, January 18, 2010

What the "batter" is all about...

I have a little bit of blog identity confusion. At first I wanted to write about running, but discovered after running 15 miles I really didn't LOVE it as much as I thought. Then I changed my blog to "Running in Love," because I became engaged and planned on still running a marathon while I spent time with my new fiance' and of course document every minute of it right? Wrong. Spending time with him meant...spending no time on my blog. :-(

But, now he has left for training and I am back! My computer is extremely and obnoxiously slow, but I am back and making a come back too! I have revamped my blog for hopefully the last time until I get married. The wedding is in November! So close to 11 months I vow to make this my home inside my home. That's funny sounding, but true.

I am pretty sure the things that take up most of my time now are the following:

1. Reading wedding books, magazines, and going to Wedding Shows.
2. Watching the food network and buying food magazines - determined that one day I will be a good cook.
3. Trying to figure out the most important tools I am going to need in the kitchen and around the house so that I can be just as domestic and home economic savy as a Martha Stewart wannabe could.
Which reminds me how much I LOVE to cut coupons and save money doing so.
4. TRYING to stay fit and motivated to trying to stay fit.
5. Wondering why I have not one, but two dogs who need my constant love and attention. I love them too much!
6. Hoping that cell phones don't really give you cancer and spending most the evening on mine with the future hubbs. (Oh long-distant relationships how I love thee and can't wait to leave you in the dust when I get married this coming fall!)
7. In the rare occasion that I do travel to see my fiance' spending the entire time watching his games and chatting it up with other lucky girlfriends/fiances/wives.
This is what I propose to blog about.

Why did I name it "Batter's Up," this time? Well aside from the fact that my future husband is an incredible "batter," my favorite part about the kitchen is baking. And my favorite part about baking is tasting the batter before i cook it. I hate using a spatula - that's what my fingers are for!!

Made this puppy tonight. It's one my favorite things in the world. Nutless Bannana Bread. MMMMmmmm!! Can't wait to try it out in the morning!

Well thanks for staying tuned. Sorry it had to be so long. I'm off to sleep before a morning workout with my trainer. (Grumble) ( Did I mention that I'm also trying to figure out how to be a morning person? ) AHhh! :-)

Batters Up!

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  1. I love your blog and that you are trying to be domestic and cutting coupons at the same time! Me too! I have some good Web sites that I follow for coupon cutting tips, I'll have to send them your way.