Saturday, September 5, 2009

"Nipple Patches?"

So I was reading this article that outlines usefil tips for marathoners. Most of the article was pretty normal - stop at all of the water stops, consider wearing a water belt, wear comfortable shoes (I should have stopped there.) Then I read this:

Your Bare-Bones Marathon Survival Kit

You'll need more than just a good pair of marathon running shoes to run 26.2 miles. Unless you're a fairly fast and serious competitor, wear a small waist-pack style water carrier – one with a zippered pouch. Virtually all marathons provide multiple water stops – but they don't come often enough for the average runner. Before the race, fill your bottle with cool water or an electrolyte solution that you're already accustomed to drinking.

In the pouch, carry the following:

• A couple of packages of energy gel. Twenty-six miles is a long time to go without nourishment.

• At least four 3/4” round adhesive bandages. These are to prevent “runner's nipple.” This painful complaint results from the fabric of your running top chafing the nipple raw.

• An anti-friction product, such as “Runner's Lube” or “Body Glide” for thighs, armpits, etc.

• Two or three adhesive bandages in both 3/4” and 1” widths for quick blister patches.

I have NEVER heard of a "runner's nipple," but, I guarantee I'll be thinking about it every time I run now. I will definitely test this theory whenever I get to some of the longer runs. If so, I also will definitely be looking for a very comfortable sports bra on race day. I'm not so sure about wearing band aids on them.

On another note - Tuesday is the big day! The official start to the 18 week training program. Happy Running!

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