Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A fishing trip in Maui

I wanted to post about the wedding before sharing our honeymoon in Maui with you. However, the pictures from the won't be available for a little while so lets talk Hawaii!

We left for Maui the morning after our wedding - yes I was the bride that needed to leave the very next morning! We were exhausted and ready to sleep 7 hours on our ride out to the islands. Sleep did not happen. We sat next to a sweet young mom who had a sweet young baby that was very upset the whole way. Poor thing!

Anyways here was the view from 35 A and B:

I was so glad to get there around 5pm, but unfortunately it was really dark and we were super tired and hungry so we didn't take pictures that night. We woke up at 4am bright eyed and bushy tailed and so I snapped a couple of picture of our pad for the next week. (FYI - we stayed at the Ritz in case ya want to book your honeymoon there ;-))

 We had a pool/ocean view. I loved standing out on the patio and feeling the cool breeze from the ocean while I drank green tea every morning.

One side of the porch...

 The other side...

 The ocean view (sort of)

Our second night in Maui we went to eat at a sushi restaurant in the Kapalua resort - where we stayed. It was incredible food. We started the nightly picture taking tradition that evening.

The next morning we took a private charter fishing boat about 60 miles of the coast of Molokai. It was a gorgeous sunrise in the middle of the ocean and the islands..

 The waves were pretty big the picture above was snapped litterally a second after the one above it. See the sun, and then you don't. I'm a little surprised I wasn't sick at all.

 The island of Lanai above.

We caught Mahi and Tuna that day so they flew the appropriate flags when we came back into the harbor. We were one of two boats that caught fish that day.

 I caught both of the dolphin. The one on the right is a male and the female with the less blunt head is on the left. They were our "honeymoon fish."

Yes, I did catch the larger fish, but my husband's fish were worth a lot more money. We took one of the tuna to a local restaurant and gave them 10 lbs of tuna in exchange for a free meal. It was the best meal we had in Maui. More to come on that later, but for now have a great night!!


  1. WOW I Love the view it looks like yall had an amazing time!!

  2. Looks like a WONDERFUL time!!!! So jealous of the warmth right about now :-)

  3. Looks absolutely AMAZING! We are considering Hawaii for our honeymoon, so we may have to chat! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, it looks like an amazing trip!!

  5. How in the WORLD did you reel those HUGE fish in!?! They must have weighed as much as you - if not more!!!!

    That looks like so much fun - I've always wanted to do that! (maybe in the future!)

    I love the pictures - keep 'um coming ;)

    (and I already know that I'll also be one of those brides who will want to leave the day after the wedding)