Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Since I've Been Gone"

Thought I was never coming back? Haha for a minute neither did I. Posting on a blog all the time is hard to do, but well worth it. A lot has changed since my last blog post - which is the reason I have been absent.

Mr. Incredible and I went to his Lake House where on the middle of the lake...He proposed!!

We suprised our friends at our "Engagement Party" and told them the big news. The whole restaurant knew of our news after the screams of surprise and congratulations. We had such a great night with everyone! Don't worry I have already started all of the planning! My good friend and I went shopping for wedding books as soon as I got back from vacation.

We picked up an etiquette book and also a coupon book for the groom - which basically just has "stop nagging me about the wedding" coupons. My sister - in - law also got me a wedding planner.
In the meantime Mrs. Future H has gotten hitched!! Congrats to Mrs. H!!
She had the most beautiful wedding!! Look at the sky!
Back at work - whitters and i went on our first and probably only timber tour.

Yes we matched. This paticular mill was a plywood mill - mostly pine. This is what I do - value the timber before we sell it to the mills.

It's time for fall! I love the weather and all of the holidays coming up!

These are two of my youngest nephews. Kids are soo cute.

Anyways want a running update?
Today I ran 12 miles and I basically don't have any clue how I'm ever going to run a marathon. 12 miles hurt - bad! Around 9 miles I didn't think I was going to finish. I will say with Mr. Incredible back in town I'm not eating/sleeping as well as I usually do. But, hopefully that will change this week. I have 13 miles coming up next weekend. And, we'll be in Tallahassee for homecoming weekend with our beloved Noles. Oh and PS. the gels - "Cliff" gels are nasty! Blahh I hate gels and almost feel like I'm going to throw up as soon as I put them in my mouth. I don't think any of the flavors are going to change my mind either. Ughh. Well I"m off to use my "stick" to try and get some of these knots out of my legs. Next weekend I am definately icing if I can.
Have a great night!!


  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!! So exciting and what a rock!!!

    As for the gels, try a different brand and see if they work out better. I do the powerbar ones and I usually swish them with water in my mouth to break them down... it helps.

    The miles always hurt but in the end you'll get to marathon status and it'll have been worth the journey.

  2. Thank you so much! That's good advice. I thought I was the only one who couldn't handle them. What flavors do you get? They are hurting...I have no idea how I'm going to get over 15? I know I'll do it, but it is going to hurt for sure!

  3. oh wow!! what a gorgeous ring!! how much fun was your engagement!!! and your nails look good too :)

  4. Yay you are back!! You and Whitters are so hot in your safety goggles and hard hats. 13 miles ... running... I'd rather drive hahahaha. My knees are so busted from dance! We need to plan our celebration with our boy toys asap!